Thursday, April 28, 2011

Faster approaching

When I wrote by previous blog post, I had no idea that my finals in my online courses are actually due NEXT week!! A Big UH OH went through my system and since then I have been working on completing the two finals. I am partway through one, and the other is due later next week so I hope to finish that one up throughout the week.

I feel extremely overwhelmed by this extra workload in such a short amount of time, also because I am going to Atlantic City this weekend for a bachelorette party. I live more than 6 hours away from this city, and am carpooling for part of the trip, so I am hoping to get some work done then.

Despite my momentary high in stress levels, I am thoroughly enjoying that fact that no matter what, by next Friday, I will be done with a large part of my responsibilities until the end of August. This will free up a lot of time (which is more precious to me than money as of late) for things like reading, making jewelry, and above all, writing!! I know I have disappointed myself countless times on my writing but I am genuinely excited about this impending writing project. I keep feeling a little bit of nostalgia for my youth and I know that typing my journals up with the added creative outlet of commentating throughout is going to bring up so many emotions and lost memories! Some will be bad, I know, but I think for the most part they will make me laugh and smile.

Well, I better get back to my homework...this is, after all, my lunch hour.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Here we go again.

So with my school semester coming to an end and my impending three months of slightly less responsibility coming up in May, I'm hoping to pick up a new writing project. And, once again, it is going to be a fresh project. I have several big fears in my life but one that has always been in the top five is this: to never finish a (writing) project I've started. This summer, however, when I 'start' this project, it is technically one that I have started and 'ended' many times throughout my life. My idea is to write out my journals into my computer (something I have always wanted to do, and only this time am I starting to try and formulate a way to combine this task with my desired new writing project).

So my homework in order to facilitate this new writing project is as follows:

1. Check and see if there's a way to link Scrivener with Dropbox. If so, this will be beneficial when I do my next homework assignment.

2. Take photos of the pages of my journal with my iPhone 4. It takes decent photos, especially of up close things. But I'm worried that the pages might be a little too large to get the whole page in one photo and still be able to read it.

3. That brings my next homework assignment to my iPad. If the photo takes on the iPhone 4 but is still too small to read, I'm hoping it'll be legible on the bigger screen of my iPad. Then maybe I can use my iConnex bluetooth keyboard to write out the pages in My Writing Spot on my iPhone 4. (I don't mean to be name dropping, but I'm hoping these specific terms make this blog 'searchable' considering I hate writing for nobody but I'd rather be 'discovered' haha).

That's about it for now. The writing project will be something along the lines of a new 'My semester abroad' and 'My sophomore year of college'. So there will be a new 'My [time of my life]' for each journal. I might group some together depending on their lengths. I will also add in commentary as a 'looking back' or 'if I knew then what I know now' kind of thing.

So that's my summer writing project idea. We'll see what happens!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It has been a while...

I had the baby September 16th...Jane Elizabeth...That will be my excuse for taking off so many months. It became habit again, not to write. I'm still trying, however, and I have probably written a couple thousand words since August. I can't tell you how many though because I have now fully switched to writing with 'My Writing Nook', which only tells me how many words I have per chapter and I don't feel like doing math at the moment. My Writing Nook has changed its name to 'My Writing Spot', which I am not a fan of. I liked the feel to the other name. According to the reviews for it in the Apple App Store, I'm not the only one, so hopefully they'll take a hint and change it back. It is still an extremely helpful program and I have recently acquired an iPad (YAY!) so I decided it would just be easier from now on than to keep copying and pasting back into Scrivener (I LOVE Scrivener though and I plan on using it again when my life becomes less mobile. With the baby though, that isn't happening anytime soon.

So look forward to more updates because I'm not giving up yet folks!!