Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's a Girl!!!

We're having another baby girl!!  Our three year old will be so excited!  She has chosen 'Doc McStuffins' as the name...we're working on her though.  Don't want to start the sibling rivalry right off the bat, haha.

Honestly though, no names yet...Steve has been leaning towards Abigale, which I like a lot...but I just realized that I feel the need to spell check the name right now and that's probably a bad sign.

I need to get back into editing.  Now that the big work event is done I'm just trying to catch up in every other aspect of my life, and unfortunately, the editing keeps getting pushed to last (our floors were in desperate need of vacuuming and cleaning and I have deadlines I can't ignore with the jewelry business, which is going great).  Soon....I'm promising myself...soon.

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