Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

So I've still been editing. I wanted to try and get this first phase of it done by the end of today, but I'm still about 20 pages from reaching that goal...not bad, all things considered. And I'm REALLY feeling good about the manuscript. I had a good 50 or so pages there where I was cringing with every other paragraph, but the last 30 have been my favorite so far...and they give me that kind of hope and optimism that if I polish up the other rough spots, I'll have something I can really be proud of.

After I finish this round of editing and writing it up in the actual manuscript, I will start querying again. I don't think I'll edit it again at that point until I get an agent (I guess 'unless' is a more appropriate word, but I want to stay positive).

While I'm querying, I'm going to come up with a realistic timeline and outline of my next book (not the sequel to this one, unfortunately, but the next idea I have...since it's something I'm really excited to try and write). If I end up getting this current manuscript represented AND sold (oh my god...the amount of happiness that'd give me could probably inspire world peace), I'd go back to writing the sequels to this series. So if I want to remain optimistic, I should really aim to start this next project at the same time I start querying for agents again. I know from past experience that I absolutely need to write at least 5 days per week if I want to write the thing from start to finish, but I will have a new baby, so I don't know how realistic that will be. I just have to remember that I wrote this current manuscript while I was still in school, moving across the country, and selling our house in PA. I'll probably wait until the baby is born to start the project, even if I do get done editing this beforehand (that's unlikely though).

So to reiterate, before the end of this unlucky year I hope to finish polishing up this current manuscript...gotta stick to a schedule, but I think it's an achievable goal. Then let's hope 2014 is my lucky year. Any year without a '13' in it is okay in my book.

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