Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I'm almost embarrassed to be writing here. But I'm writing a new book and I want a place to sort of post it to the world. I'm big on social networking and getting my thoughts and feelings out there (even if I'm not really getting a response...there's just something about knowing I told some public forum about something that legitimizes it for me).

I haven't finished a book yet, but I've started several. I always have an excuse, and it always has to do with life and a lack of making this a routine. I've started yet another writing project with new motivation (don't get me wrong, I have done this at least 5-10 times in the past...each time with this overwhelming desire to see it through to the end, never with any success).

I figure I can write to you, old ancient blog, to try and keep myself going. This is, after all, the sole purpose I created you in the first place.

For new project is called 'The Earths Project: Book One'. It's an old idea that I've morphed now for the third time. I'm almost done with Chapters 1-3 and a Prologue.

I currently have strep throat for the 4th time since March and my husband and I are moving with our 2-year-old daughter to Arizona after spending a month homeless in Pennsylvania starting September 13th when the military movers come and take all our belongings to storage in our soon to be state of residence. We plan on living with my family and his over the month between September and mid-October, when we're starting our drive across country.

So keep in mind that my life really is hectic. I wasn't just saying that. But as an incentive, I think I'm going to reward myself with an Apple Macbook Air at Christmas as long as I keep up with the book until then. Of course, that would also depend on me having a job in Arizona. This particular Macbook is something I've wanted for years, because of my writing, so I'm probably going to look into trading in my current Macbook Pro for the smaller, lighter, and much more portable Air.

ONLY IF I KEEP WRITING (or else, why would I need it??)

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