Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Days...I'm missing out

We've been here in Phoenix for a month shy of a year and this is the only time I'm really wishing I were in PA.  I miss Fall...I LOVE Fall.  Like LOVE.  I know we'll get cooler weather soon, but it just isn't the same.  It's making me really look forward to the trip I'm taking back to PA in a couple of weeks.  Fall will be in full force then.  Maybe I should laminate a couple of colorful leaves to bring back and hang on the walls of my house in the desert.

We're watching the Steelers game, which is probably what's triggering this strong desire for Fall weather.  It also inspired me to get a head start on some of the insane amount of jewelry I have to make today.  I used to knit or crochet through entire seasons of football, but since I started the jewelry shop I haven't picked up a piece of yarn, which I'm okay with...I'm much better at making jewelry than I am at making blankets.  Plus, I like seeing results in days rather than weeks or months.  So I made a few of the stamps I need from images of fingerprints and footprints and they're all ready now to be pressed into clay.  I have 6 necklaces to make today and 4 keychains.  That's a lot.  It's just going to be the metal clay part, I'll sand them and fire them over the next couple of days, then make the chains and such on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  We're driving to California Thursday afternoon, so I have to have all of these orders ready by then, otherwise I'd be able to spread it out a little longer.  With the trip this week, followed almost immediately by my trip to PA, I'm going to be really rushed on orders...Eh, it's worth it...I'll get time to relax with my family, least I can do is work extra hard while I'm here, and I'll make sure to do it after the little girl goes to bed, so I won't miss family time here either.

Speaking of her, gotta go get lunch ready.

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