Friday, September 6, 2013

Trying to Renew Everything

I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I know excuses are super overdone, especially when it comes to people not blogging as often as usual, but I'm going to list them anyway. After that extremely time-consuming work event I had a month ago I tried getting back into the old routine, but then I knew this month was coming, and this month involved several trips with several long hours of travel time, so I started getting lazy again with the editing and the blogging. Then my whole family got sick and we're just now recovering fully. The good news is, I've still been exercising, working on the jewelry shop, and reading for I'm not slacking off altogether, just in the area I want most in life, haha.

Anyway...I'm trying to revamp parts of my jewelry shop and I recently 'cleaned up' my iPad and got a bluetooth keyboard today (very inexpensive on's made by Anker and so far I love it), so that's sort of my shameful excuse for writing this post today. I hope to continue working on my jewelry shop, especially considering the fact that the holidays are coming. I love making jewelry around Christmas gives an added benefit to the holidays...I actually get to be one of the ones creating gifts and partaking in holiday festivities in a wholly unique way. I might not be there when people open the gifts, but I get to imagine it while I'm making them.

So my first true test run with this keyboard was extremely successful. I'm pretty satisfied! It's tiny too. And I ordered a sleeve from FernFiddlehead, a very impressive shop on Etsy. FernFiddlehead

I'm excited to get it in the mail! With the jewelry shop getting sharpened up and the fact that I'm trying to get nice and organized in my own life, I'm feeling pretty positive, even with the fact that I haven't been editing as much as I should lately. The writing side of my personality is just taking a rest...I'll get it back on soon.

Here's a photo of one of the latest rings I've made...I need to get it listed on my shop soon...I've been slacking on that for over a week.

-Men's fingerprint ring

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