Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So not only did I just take about a month off from writing (no excuses can justify this, though a hundred of them are running through my head at the moment), but I also got to the point where I'd even look at this blog in my 'favorites' and feel a pang of regret..which in turn, resulted in me ignoring this as well.

During lunch today I didn't have my book with me ("The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest") and I had time allotted that I was forcing myself to take (I didn't take a real lunch yesterday and I wanted to make sure I didn't repeat that again today) so I wrote a little bit. I have been thinking a lot about my book and I have many pros and cons that I'm juggling on the subject of whether or not I like the book at all. One pro is that the idea for the book is something I have had for almost a decade and I feel almost obligated to write the whole thing (I started it as an adult fiction and earlier this year I decided to write it as a young adult fiction instead because it's more like a sci-fi book and I don't want the only audience to be adults...and it's more fun aimed towards teens). My cons are that I would RATHER write adult fiction. And I know this shouldn't be a con because the only reason for it to bite me in the behind is if I--by some small miracle--do publish this book, I don't want to be labeled as a YA fiction writer. But obviously my main goal is to publish this book (and some day be rich and famous as an author :-p) so this con does have some legitimacy in my head. But I need to stay true to this plot, which will never go away if I don't write it all out at some point. And I absolutely DO NOT need another reason to finish a project half-way through. I WILL finish this book and I probably won't get published, but this idea will be out of my head and onto some paper, so maybe then I can get back to finishing other half-finished projects (which have been creeping back up in my thoughts again lately). So for now, I will stick with this idea and get it all out. THEN I can move on...

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