Tuesday, February 12, 2013


To those of you who write movies, books, short stories, poems, etc., and decide whatever it is you're writing needs...can't live without...can't move people without a cliffhanger at the end...NO.  I do think it's appropriate, in some instances, to leave the story a little bit open for interpretation, but to build the audience, reader, casual bystander, up to some final and ultimately necessary finale in your work of art, I have decided you're a putz if you leave us hanging.  We as the viewers or readers of your words and scenes are putting our trust, time, and faith in you to entertain us (I don't know anyone who doesn't value their time, especially not parents).  We want the entertainment because it's hard to fit into our daily lives nowadays.  So if you think letting us hang on the end of your totally incomplete thought process is the way to go, think again.  It's really just the wimpy way to go.  Or the bullyish way to go.  Because I can almost feel you snickering with your other artsy friends in the background about how much more thought provoking your work could be if you just ended it with a big, ridiculous, elephant-in-the-room sized question.  This is my ode to cliffhangers...and why I think they suck. Unless, of course, you're planning on following up with a sequel.  In which case, you'd better be taking vitamins and avoiding unhealthy foods or dangerous activities, because if you happen to lose the ability to complete said cliffhanger, you fall into the above category.  

Luckily, the above movie had a great and believable story going for it all the way up until the stupid cliffhanger end.  

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