Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to Work

I've finally been offered a job! I don't want to go too far into details but it'll be with the Arizona Hemophilia Association and everything about it seems amazing. I start April 22nd so since I only have a little over a week left of the unemployed life, I'm catching up on crappy TV shows and over cleaning my house so I'm ahead of the game when I'm adjusting back to the 40 hour workweek lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I only have a few extra things on my plate when I'm back to work. Used to always have graduate school on top of everything else (which was definitely a huge extra time burden), but now it's just the jewelry shop and the time I'll put toward getting the book edited and queried (until it's published). Along with spending time with the toddler and husband, I'm going to be busy, but very very fulfilled and happy. I can't wait to get this next chapter of my life started!!

As far as the jewelry and book goes...I've been busy with the jewelry and taking a longer than comfortable break with the editing. I NEED to get back into the editing and making it a major priority again. Like always, I'm the only thing standing in my way.

As for now, my baby girl is napping (for another hour probably), I'm feeling achy from a mild cold but my house is clean and I'm looking for that renewed motivation to edit, edit, edit. That's sort of what brought me other neglected outlet.

Time to lay down, try and overcome the achiness, and maybe crack open the Goodreader app to do some editing.

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