Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm so glad I cleaned my house yesterday.  I've been keeping it tidy since and whenever everything around me is tidy I feel so much more optimistic about the day.  This morning, after I'm done injecting caffeine into my veins, I'll be taking the toddler for a run in her jogging stroller.  We've been semi-regularly going for runs over the past few weeks, which I have been loving.  I wish I had the time and self-motivation to become a real distance runner.  When I do 3+ miles I get this rush and the whole day I delude myself to thinking I'll do 4+ miles the next day, then I always end up not running at all the next day.  In DuBois, through Treasure Lake, that wasn't the case.  I was tracking how many miles I would run per month and I did really good at going longer and longer distances (about 5 miles was my furthest).  I did that with my dog though, for the most part, and I haven't put the time toward finding good routes around here that I can go longer distances on and it's harder to map them out when I know I'll have a jogging stroller that I'd rather not take on roads without sidewalks (or busy roads).  We didn't have sidewalks in Treasure Lake, but the roads were never busy with traffic like they are here.

Anyway...I didn't mean to take such a tangent there.  After the jog, I'll take the kiddo to the park for a while, try and let her burn off some of that energy so she goes down for the nap on time and not as late as 3:30 like yesterday.  She'll take a bath, while I take a shower (the bathtub in our masterbath is separate from the shower, which is super handy for killing two birds with one stone while also keeping an eye on her).  Lunch, then nap.  Then at 4:15, I have a haircut scheduled at the LifeSpa in our gym (Lifetime...I'll have her play in the daycare area while I get my hair done).

I like days like this.  Lots of things on the to-do list and none of them unpleasant in any way.  Most of them involve getting to spend time with my daughter but in a way I know she'll enjoy, which is tough with a 2.5 year old.

So maybe I should postpone scheduling this blogpost since reviewing it made me realize that if anyone wanted to stalk me today, they wouldn't even have to make a real effort to figure out where I'll be at any particular time.

I hope to edit during the playtime at the park and/or during naptime.

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