Sunday, June 30, 2013

Editing a Manuscript-Using Scrivener and Goodreader

I know I've written about this before, but I have to reiterate.  Saving my manuscript from Scrivener into a PDF, opening it on Goodreader on my mini iPad, using a stylus and the freehand writing tool and making edits directly onto the page, then flattening the file and sending it back to Scrivener is the easiest and most efficient way I've found to edit my manuscript thus far.  I then can open the edited version in Scrivener (having saved it in the "Research" section), split the screen, and type out the edits right in the actual manuscript like so:

So today, for my 'work on Earths Project' task, I finished editing and polishing up to chapter five, made sure I was happy with the synopsis, and sent a query to another agent.  The agent requires the first 50 pages, synopsis, and query.  I like the idea of sending more in the query, even though I was grumpy about it when I first realized it was a requirement for so many agents.  The reason I've warmed up to the idea is because if the query itself catches an agent's eye, they can easily read more and decide what they think.  And since I've obviously got confidence in my work (or else, why would I be working so hard on its behalf), I feel like my chances can only get better the more they read.

That's all for today...I'll continue with my 1996 journal tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the tip on editing in Goodreader! I've been looking to go paperless with my own writing process, and I'll give this solution a go.

    Which stylus do you prefer? I've just picked up the Bamboo Solo, but haven't really used a stylus with the iPad before.

  2. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to my stylus choices, mainly because I've seen that as long as you go with at least a $15 dollar one, they all work about the same (in my experience). I have a Merkury Innovations stylus right now that works well. I usually have to get one that also has a pen.

    Good luck with the editing in Goodreader! Let me know if you have any problems with it and how it works for you.

  3. Update: I found an app that I somehow love even more than Goodreader for editing. I also love it for EVERYTHING it does..I'll probably dedicate a blog post to it at some point. It's called 'Notability' and can load pdfs just like goodreader, and then you can do essentially the same thing with writing the edits on the screen, then putting them side by side with the manuscript in scrivener.