Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Journal Today

I have to take a break because the next couple of entries are almost as embarrassing as the previous one, and I need a breath between them.  Sadly, today, I saw all over Facebook that the town I just moved from (DuBois, PA) is flooding right now.  I truly hope everyone who I know, and everyone who lives there, is remaining safe.  For a minute there today, I was extremely thankful for the fact that I'm no longer there so I didn't have to deal with the fear of how to get to the daycare to get my daughter.  My heart goes out to any parents who are there having that type of scary situation as a reality right now. 

I hope our former home is staying dry...especially because my husband spent many thousands of dollars and hours finishing the basement. 

I feel like there's no good way to transition to another subject, so I'm just going to bluntly do so.  This afternoon, I spent a few minutes deciding on a few things I want to do EVERY day for my writing.  The writing, in the long run, is what I want to do...with a I need to realize that I can't just expect this to happen without any hard work on my part.  So I made a list of three things that will pop up as reminders on my phone every day at 8:30pm, partly just as a constant daily reminder, but also because if it does slip my mind, the best time of day for me to force myself to make time is after my kiddo goes to bed.  The three things are:

Write at least 15 minutes
(I wish I could find it realistic to make that a longer amount of time, but I know I can't...and I don't want to shoot myself in the foot right off the bat)
(that's you!  so I'll either be adding a journal entry or writing about writing or jewelry or life)
Edit or do something with Earths Project
(lately...well, yesterday and the day before...I started reading the book out loud to my iPhone memo thing...I actually downloaded an app called DropVox, which puts my recording directly into a folder in Dropbox...which is helpful because if I save them with the Voice Memos app, I have to connect them directly to my computer to get them off my phone when they're past a certain length)

So we'll see how this new process goes, but it's a way to remind myself daily that this is what I want, and I can't just expect it to happen for me...I have to work for it.  Even if I have a full-time job, jewelry business on the side, husband, child and a baby on the way.  Ha.  But seriously....I don't function well with too much free filling it is second nature to me.  And why not fill it with something like making my dreams come true?
Cheesy...but whatever.

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