Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Writing Nook

I am obsessed with all things Apple. I currently have a Macbook Pro and I technically still own a white Macbook, which my husband uses to watch movies on at night before we go to bed. I also have the iPhone 3G and an iPod Classic. Since the announcement of the iPad, and even before the announcement, I have wanted the highly rumored and anticipated tablet device but I don't plan on getting one anytime soon (funds get scarier when I'm three months from giving birth to my first baby). A couple of weeks ago, however, Apple announced their new iPhone 4, which is available for purchase in stores tomorrow. Radioshack is having a 'trade in' deal where I can give them my iPhone 3G for 100 dollars towards the new phone. I plan to do this whenever the white iPhone is available at my local Radioshack. In researching the new phone, I discovered that it is compatible with Apple's bluetooth keyboards (which I don't know, and are also pretty expensive, but I do plan to save up for). If I could connect the keyboard, it would make writing on the go a lot easier for me...even with the teeny screen of the iPhone as my monitor. I went looking for an app to help facilitate this process and found one called My Writing Nook for $2.99. I got that this morning and found that it is really simple to copy and past my latest bit of writing to the website on my computer before closing down my project every night and then I can sync that to my phone the next day because the app connects and updates with whatever was added to my account even if it was on their website. I tried it already today and it seems to work great. I haven't started adding to my writing, but I do plan to and I might even use this process with my work computer-it'll save me from saving my writing as a Word Document on my office computer and then attaching it to an email to myself so I can then copy and paste the new material to my project. Instead of the saving, attaching, and emailing, I can just open that program up and copy and paste directly from the site. And if I'm somewhere without a computer and all I have is my phone (and the future small bluetooth keyboard I plan to purchase in the future) I can write into the app and do the same. See?? More reasons to minimize my excuses to neglect working on my book! Of course, this blog has obviously turned into an excuse...considering I have only two webpages open right now and the other is my writing that I could be working on... I am instead writing this post.

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