Friday, January 4, 2013

Are you, like, a crazy person?

Today has been all about this book for me.  It started when I was taking a shower and thinking about the fact that it's going to be read soon, by real people, people other than me.  What if it doesn't meet expectations?  And then I'm thinking, how could it?  The protagonist isn't even saving the day at the end.  Then I'm thinking...why isn't she?  Then BAM, I came up with a new climax to the book.  It wasn't even new was something that should have been there and wasn't yet...a new scene shoved between all the existing scenes.  I LOVE moments like this.  It was the second major one I've had in a while since starting this book.  The first one was that night that I was taking a walk with my dog and ended up walking further than I had to and being rewarded by a huge idea.

I haven't actually written this second idea yet but I will when I get to that part of the book.  The edits are taking a long time...I'm lucky if I get a chapter done a day.  It doesn't help that my daughter bounces up to me after every other sentence I read and I'm constantly pausing for interruptions.  I need to make myself more accountable like I did with the writing.  An editing session slotted out every day.  I just really love the freedom of doing the editing this way.  I don't need a chunk of time to sit and do the edits like I needed for the writing.  When I was writing, I needed that zoned in I can read a sentence, a paragraph, fix it up, then walk away and come back an hour later.  It's just bad on days like today, when I finish half a chapter and quit.  I have my computer on my lap and it's only 9pm, so there's nothing stopping me from finishing up that chapter tonight.  My daughter's asleep and I'm watching Gold it's not like anything is requiring my attention (this show is awful...if the husband wasn't keeping track, I'd change it in a heartbeat).

So now we're putting on V for excellent movie but one that I've seen over a dozen times. I think I'll still try and edit the rest of this chapter before the end of the night.

I sure hope someone wants to publish this book...I've been reading blog after blog of people who are awaiting the debut of their first published YA novels.  I can't even describe how badly I want to be able to post photos of my book on a Barnes N Noble bookshelf.

Guess I should get back to the editing if I ever want the chance to see that happen.

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