Saturday, January 19, 2013

Job Interview!

So the editing is going well.  I am up to chapter 23 now, which leaves me 10 chapters left to go.  Not too bad.  I want to get them finished over the next 4ish days and on Wednesday, I have a JOB INTERVIEW!!!  Finally!!!  First one since August!  It's a job in Phoenix, so it's only about a 25 minute drive (sans traffic).  And the job itself sounds great.  It's not in a library, but it'd still be a good experience and would keep my resume on track, so I'm really hoping they consider me.  There's also a volunteer supervisor position at a library closing for new applicants on Monday, so I hope I hear news from them this week or next for an interview.  After all of these months of no interviews and constant disappointment on the whole employment front, it'd be such a relief to finally have a job.  I know I'll probably cry a bit about the fact that I won't get as much time with Jane, but I know she loved the daycare and after spending this much time with her, I know she misses that interaction with the kids and the full-time toddler oriented activities (here, I make her sit in a cart for shopping, I have times where I have to go make jewelry, laundry, clean, so she really only gets about 2-3 full hours of my attention in the mornings and a couple hours after her nap).

Plus, I got my Master's Degree because of my strong desire to have a career and was never equipped mentally or emotionally to be a stay-at-home mom.  I have days where I feel completely useless, and days where talks about money make me feel horrible (like the thought of paying back my student loans), plus since I was in grade school, I have wanted to be a career-driven woman.  I am not at all saying I think staying home with Jane is in any way not honorable.

Wait...screw this...

I hate that moms always seem to feel the need to defend their decisions whether they want to work or stay home.  I never see a man defending his decision to work full time.  And if a man is staying home, I feel like the defending would be for why the mother is working, and not about the man.  What kind of bullshit is that?  (so I swapped out the word 'bullshit' with 'bullcrap' to be less PG-13 and found out that my Mac thinks 'bullshit' is a correctly spelled word, whereas 'bullcrap' is I stuck with my first choice).

That's not where this post was supposed to go (and seriously, leave the fact that I'm a mom out of this, haha)...I'm just thrilled to finally have the chance to interview for a job I'd feel really good about (and one that I feel really qualified for).  It makes this three-day-weekend a lot less stressful.

The interview is only a 15-minute over-the-phone one...which makes me nervous that a.) they're interviewing a lot of people, and b.) I didn't get the last over-the-phone job I interviewed for so I am a little more uncertain about my interviewing skills.

Either way, I have to keep my head up and stay optimistic, because why else be excited for the opportunity to interview?

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