Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today really sucked.

After seeing a cute quote on Facebook the other day (I'd repost it here but I don't feel like scrolling through to find it...3 days is a lot of stuff to scroll through), I started a new habit of keeping track in my journal at least one good thing that happened to me everyday.  The quote said something along the lines of 'Not every day is good, but there's something good in every day'.  I'm really needing that piece of advice today because it really wasn't a very good day.

This morning, before even drinking my first cup of coffee, I got a negative email from a customer of my jewelry shop (Carmella's Jewelry).  She bought earrings from me and I sent them with one pair on the ear hook backwards (whoops...totally my bad).  But when I fixed them and sent them back (since that was her one and only complaint), she emailed me (this morning) and said there's a 'scuff' on part of the silver (THEY'RE HOMEMADE) and wants a NEW pair because that's what she paid for (THEY ARE NEW).  So I sent her another pair that probably won't satisfy her ridiculously high expectations, and I wish I could just refund her money altogether and be done with her.  I'm still hoping I'll figure out a way to give her a negative review (without receiving on in return, I'm doing the right thing in this, not her) on Etsy to warn other sellers.  She certainly has no right shopping on Etsy with that type of regard for handmade products.  GRR.

So I got over that.  Then comes lunch, and the terribly-two-year-old toddler's nap.  I spent a good hour searching for jobs, and 45 minutes applying for one in particular.  Whenever I get a good chunk of time in on the job search, I feel a bit of satisfaction toward that part of my life and it lingers for most of the day.  I submitted the application at 3:55pm.  At 4:31pm (since I'm an addict of my computer, the Internet, and checking my email) I already received a reply.  They're looking for other candidates whose 'qualifications more closely match our selection criteria'.  It was an administrative job at a university.  Whatever.  I got a good cry out of it anyway.

Another day of no book editing.  I got barely half a chapter done.  I still plan to work on it tonight, but I also plan on taking the dog for a walk, giving the toddler a bath, and watching a movie with the hubby (that last one probably won't happen, we're both exhausted and cranky...he's now getting the icky cold and mine is still making me feel kind of icky).  

We'll see.

Here's that thing I found on Facebook the other day (I think we all knew I was going to go find it...and if you didn't know that about me, you do now!  Any excuse to scroll endlessly on Facebook for a full minute).

The something good in my day (because it's true, there's always something good in any kind of day):
I had a really good workout at the gym and the kiddo made it through the whole hour without pooping (they call the parents to the babysitting area to change dirty diapers and she almost always poops before was 11-12 and she held it in...thanks baby girl!) or biting (they flat out kick you for biting).

Update:  I finished that chapter I was editing, walked the dog (I love walks with the dog), and gave the twice-a-day pooping machine a bath.  The movie didn't happen, as suspected, but at least all the other things on the list did!

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