Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hm...Guess I need to be blogging more.

I edited a couple of days ago on my iPad for the first time since before getting pregnant.  It went perfectly well and I got a few pages done (the pages now more closely resemble real book-length pages because I compressed this file differently when I exported it from Scrivener into a PDF).  So since I edited later at night, I didn't write a post about it.  Yesterday, since I was already negligent on the blog for a day, I didn't edit at all.  So here I am, conceding that posting about what I'm editing every day has been helping me keep up with it.  I haven't edited since two nights ago, but I plan to today and I'll update when I do.  I also really need to put the next journal entry in here soon, but I'm not sure if I want to continue with that after this journal, and since I'm nearing the end of it, I'm mulling it over (I have about 14 journals written after that first one).  If I continue after this first, most innocent of journals, I think I might censor whole journal entries for my family/friends/and own sanity. 

So as far as editing goes...I started the new PDF at page 172 and stopped at 177...making the newest edits:

pg 177 of 368

Almost halfway done.  And before I was editing, I had written a whole new version to a later chapter, so I'm excited to read that again.

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