Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just a journal entry (Oh, and Happy 4th of July!)

Diary, I vow never to talk again about boys unless there my boyfriends!

I hope I have time to write in you again today but now I gotta go.


Diary,  I'm sorry I haven't been writing for a while, I have a very inteligent sister, she just told me one of her quotes!  It was very profesional.  Today she gave me a very great compliment!  She told me that when one of her friends asked her who she would take on a trip across country, her answer was me!  I went to see "Emma" today and it was great!  It was just like Clueless. 

Let me try to make some quotes. 
            I can't think of any!

I would rather be an author!  So far I wrote a story called "The Story Writer,"  would you read it?  It's only 11 pgs.

I really look up to my sister!  She writes quots into her journal so since I don't like them I'll write poems:

"Every day the world matures
And everyday it stops growing
The killing, the agony will go
away and the world will mature"
                  Millie Komski

Do you like it?  Every time I think of one! OR here of one.  When I get to be 18 or 17 I'll try to be 1st in my class.  And now I'll start reading more.  I think our world should grow up!

"If we should be called 
the United States of 
America, then why can't we
be the United Countries of 
the Earth."
                 Millie Komski

Yah no what I'm glad I have a sister!  When I was 12 I would read about girls always wanting a sister to talk to and I never thought of it being important till now!

I feel ashamed of writing about David before.

I wonder what I'm talented at?  My mom says I should be a fashion designer but I'm having my douts.  What do you think I should be?  I would like to be something unusual like an archiolegist or an author but if I have the talent of being a fashion designer I guess I'll do that.  This is what I do:

(UGLY DRESS HERE)                   or                         (UGLIER OUTFIT HERE)

What do you think?  I personally would rather be an archiologist or an artist.

                                                                     (TERRIFYING DRAWING OF A FACE HERE)<--You  
                                                                                                            wouldn't believe how bad that is!

I can draw cartoons a lot better than that with cartoons!

"To expirience life is a greater wonder then most things!"
                                    Millie Komski (I think)

"Morning, day, night go buy so quickly, so make sure they last because every one is priceless!"
                                    Millie Komski

Ahh...just when you think you're maturing a little, an entry like this comes along.  To give my younger self a little bit of credit, at least I moved on from writing about a ridiculous crush in every other sentence.  But I feel bad for my sister for pulling her into all the rambling crap I talk about in this long entry.  To experience life is a greater wonder then most things!  REALLY???  Than MOST things?  I guess there was one part of this entry that I really loved... when I wrote that I would rather be an author.  I don't remember wanting to be an author at that age!  I remember writing stories, but as an adult, I thought I remembered that always being just for fun, not because I wanted to grow up to be an author someday.  So that makes me, as an adult, feel a little less silly about having spent HOURS and hours and hours pursuing this dream.  I can say's something I've always wanted to do.

Once again, to my dear sister, I truly hope you don't read this blog post.  And if you do...I hope you don't sue me for posting all of this....because of all the people I've written about so far, my family is a group that won't really have the chance to stay anonymous if someone is willing to make an effort on finding their identities.

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