Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Didn't Edit At All Today

I find myself comparing who I am today with who I was in that journal from 17 years ago. My sister once suggested my parents watch the show 'The Daily Show'. I have since come to love the show and I'm watching an episode tonight, one of the ones with John Oliver hosting, and I'm feeling proud of myself for really taking a personal interest in the things this show discusses (pretty liberal stuff...I'm on board, don't get me wrong)...but is it all me? Or is it who I've become because of my sister's influence on my life? I wish I could feel less dependent on who I want to see myself as and just feel comfortable with who I am. There are quite a few things I do for me because something within me drives making jewelry...the writing comes from my mother but the genre is my own interest.

Ugh, today was the worst btw. I'm having the worst time figuring out whether the 18 week ultrasound is covered by my insurance. I spent over 6 hours today dealing with it and I still feel unsure about the final answer. Apparently it's covered, but then I found a general PDF online making me think it still isn't actually covered. I don't wanna call out my insurance company or doctors so Ill leave it at that, but for whatever reason, I can't help but burst into uncontrollable tears whenever I have to deal with this. So hopefully all goes well and I get to see this baby in a few weeks.

Hasta maƱana...

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