Monday, July 15, 2013

Journal from 8/19/96 and Thoughts

"A new morning, a good Monday,
time to start out a different way
Start the mornig out with a run
In not many ours lunch will be here
And not many more Tue will be too
in 9 days school will begin
The weather for today is high of 84!  That's pretty good compared to the weather so far.  All its been is rain!  I hope it doesn't rain on Thur because that's when we're going to Hershey Park.  I  hope we go even if it rains!  I'll see you tonight but for now so long!
guess what, my chameleon died a few days ago!  And then my Uncle **** went into the hospital today and Frankie might have died on my show "Another World" (she was one of my favorite people!)
Life is so precious
It's more every day
don't spend it wasting away.
I finished, or actually it has 2 sequals, a book called The Strange Power  I didn't get the other 2 yet but I will tomorrow.  I'm starting to get a headache.  I hope its not as bad as the one I had the other day, I could barely move it was so bad!
    My mom is in here reading write now so I can't talk out loud.
    I'm excited for school to start!
   I cleaned my room really good!  Mostly because my chameleon died, not emotionally but ever time I used to clean my room I'd have to do something for my chameleon.
   I'm in my sisters room right now and she's writing to Joseph (her boyfriend!)  I would be happy for her if they got married but my sister says she will never be married.  I doubt that!
   My father still hasn't finished the tree house with me!  My schedule for the week is filling pretty fast too!
Sorry I haven't been around for a few days.  I have no good excuse. 
As far as this entry goes...I love the part about my sister saying she'll never get married...she's been married to the person she was writing to while I was in her room that night for almost 12 years and they have two children.  I hope she doesn't make me take these out of here :/  but I'd definitely obey her wishes (so just let me know, sis).
I love finding parts of my old journals that either contradict something that is true today or had some big impact on it (like the fact that I kept trying to write those awful least I was trying...I was only 13 for crying out loud).  Also...what does it say about me that I knew how to spell 'Chameleon' but not the word HOURS?  Or was it just a typo?  It was early in the morning after some exercise...although that should have given me better reason to spell more accurately (according to the book Spark, anyway).

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